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Learn Lead Guitar Course

This 6 part series is a free introduction to Lead Guitar course. The course covers all the essential scales, techniques and theory that is used by the guitar heroes themselves. My aim for this course is to give you a solid foundation from which you can really grow as a lead guitar player!

Everything you need to become a lead guitarist is available for free below in this course. Simply follow the material given and be sure to practice!

Follow the lessons in order to get the most from the course. Also, feel free to jump between lessons for extra learning!

How To Play A Guitar Solo

This first lesson looks at the fundamental concepts behind the guitar solo. We will go through the essential ingredients and skills needed to shred the best solos.

We will go through what tools and concepts are involved in professional guitar solos and lead guitar playing. You will see that things aren’t as complicated as you might think. A clear understanding of guitar scales, lead guitar techniques and tab reading are covered here!


Lead Guitar Scales – Minor Scales

Our first stop is looking at the common minor guitar scales that are used in pop, rock and metal music. These common scales are actually common scales for many types of western music. By seeing how they are built and how we can easily find them all over the guitars fretboard, we will be more open to understanding how guitar solos work. 

This and all the other lesson contain many guitar tabbed exercises and licks to help you really grasp the concepts being taught.


Lead Guitar Scales – Major Scales

Following on from the past lesson we will look at the major scales that are commonly used in guitar solos, including the pentatonic major and the major scale.

Many exercises and examples are given in tab format, along with videos of pro players using the scales in many famous songs.


Lead Guitar Techniques

OK, fasten your seat belts because things get awfully hot in this lesson! We will go through over 15 essential lead guitar techniques that you need to know. Each technique is broken down and made into exercises.

This is where it all starts to come together. After learning the essential scales we can now learn the essential techniques to use within these scales and take our lead playing to the next level!


Guitar Solo Phrasing

Here we will take a look at guitar phrasing and why it is important. we will move away from the robotic sounding exercises we have covered so far and move towards more tasteful guitar solos. 

The concepts covered in this lesson can be more philosophical and personalised to each player and their particular style. I will break this down and simplify the process of learning phrasing. Some simple examples of how easy to it to come up with ideas will give you confidence to know what to play and when to play it!  


Lead Guitar Improvisation

In the final part of this lead guitar course we will go into guitar improvisation and why it is important. We will look at some guitar legends that do it well and go through some exercises to help you find your inner voice.

We will use the guitar scales and lead techniques that we’ve learnt so far and we’ll have a jam along to some backing tracks to see what we come up with. I will give you some guidance on how to approach improvisation and show you how easy improvising can be!


A Selection Of Exercises From The Course